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Higher education information systems are archaic. Intrsect streamlines all of the information you need.


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Spring 2016-2018


What's for lunch?

I graduated from Davidson College in 2016. At the time, the information architecture seemed like it hadn't been updated since Woodrow Wilson attended, and rumor has it that despite how much Steph Curry loved Commons, he left Davidson early because of how hard it was to figure out what was for lunch everyday. Beyond food menus, learning about what was happening on campus, what number to call if you were locked out, or even which laundry machines were available, was a disaster.

This was all happening at the time when the modern student's standard for a seamless user-experience was set by the decade-defining social apps that were gaining foothold in our daily experiences. So why then hadn't there been any innovation within the systems Davidson students looked to on a daily basis.

During our senior year, as grades started to seem less relevant, Bjorn Ordoubadian and I set off to try and build a better solution that could live on at Davidson once we left.


Let's streamline

We knew that Davidson students needed a lot of information from the College to go about their ordinary days. What's for lunch? When does that office open? Which laundry machines are available? And we knew that accessing that information was really inefficient.

But we didn't know how inefficient until we mapped the whole ecosystem. Outdated websites, hidden-PDFs, applications not optimized for mobile—it was a mess! We realized that not only was information incredibly fragmented, but there were several services that were underutilized by students simply because they didn't know they existed. That's wasted tuition dollars.

Our goal was simple: take all of the information a Davidson student needs on a daily basis, and streamline it into one interface that meets a modern student's expectations for how easy it should be to access information.

Fancy duct-tape should do the trick.

We weren't brave enough to take on rebuilding the College's decade-old infrastructure. Rather, Intrsect could serve as the aggregator that duct-taped together all of the relevant information that students need, and serve it in an easy-to-use, modern interface. Our thinking—just some fancy duct tape could do the trick.

With a few custom RSS scrapers, a single-page mosaic layout, and a direct link to order Dominos to your dorm room, we started building Intrsect with the hope of changing how students planned and navigated their daily experience.


A modern design that students understood.

As students, we knew that the end user wanted an interface that was simple, modern, and intuitive.

One picture for your day

Given the existing solutions took students across multiple websites, the primary goal with Intrsect was to condense all of the information a student needed in one view.

Relevant, up-to-date information

As soon as information was published, it was immediately available via Intrsect. This met the student demand for real-time information on the go.

Safe and secure

Intrsect didn't collect any personal information whatsoever, so students felt free to gather the information they needed securely.


With 3 weeks and $100, we built & launched Intrsect. We captured 82% of the student body within a week.







Intrsect Davidson, built by Bjorn Ordoubadian & Shea Parikh, becomes first student team in history to receive investment from Davidson College's Board of Trustees.

March 11, 2016 c

An app built by students, for students, loved by students.


This app is the bacon of the Davidson BLT. It's the bees pajamas. If I were to nominate an app for the Nobel peace prize, it would be this app. I would rather have this app than the unlimited ones at Applebee's. Yooge.

Mr. Modus Ponens

This app consolidates all the things I routinely Google search for into one sleek, accessible page. The times things are open, commons menu, and activities page are so helpful. Thanks, and I will be recommending this to everyone.

Frog 5
Comprehensive & easy to use

Great for students or visitors. Incredibly easy access to hours, menus, and websites of local eateries. Good collection of commonly used links. Makes it simple to keep up with the buzz around campus.

Math Star
keeps me connected

Also a great app for alums to stay connected with Davidson.

Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Davidson Alumnus
Soooo helpful

The only thing that could make it better would be if it had information about the open hours of each gym/pool.

Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
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On the Android Play Store.

Working with Shea has been incredibly rewarding. He was able to quickly adapt and solve new challenges we faced as a start-up within domains where I had no expertise and was of little help. We complemented each other very well with our skillsets, and Shea's willingness to learn how to do what was needed contributed greatly to our overall success.

Bjorn Ordoubadian
Co-Founder, Intrsect

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