Hi, I'm Shea.

I like to build products that matter alongside people who care.

My winning ticket in life came when I was born in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida to two loving parents who taught me the value of an honest education, working hard, and empathy for others.

At various points in my life, I've been a Davidson Wildcat, a Venture For America Fellow, a product strategist/baby whisperer, a hand on a bison ranch, and an oyster farmer in Maine. I spent a few years building my own company making Jam.

Recently, I've spent a few years building financial technology products at Petal & Empower that expand fair-access to credit. And even more recently I commissioned into the U.S. Navy as an Intelligence Officer.

I believe that over-exposed photos look better, life is better with butter, and you should always take the last-minute Greyhound to Philly.

It means a lot that you've come to my website. While you're here, you can learn more about my past work, about me, or give me a shout.