A Back Boy!

Hi, I'm Shea.

My winning ticket in life came when I was born in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida to two loving parents who taught me the value of an honest education, working hard, and empathy for others.

At 18, I followed the allure of Division I Athletics to Davidson College to play baseball. I wasn't very good and it was taking up a lot of time so I pivoted to taking photos for the school paper. I was lucky enough to study in India, China, and I worked for the Amani Institute in Kenya. Those experiences led me to become a dealer of women's handbags.

Senior year, with jobs in hand and bored with school, Bjorn Ordoubadian and I created a silly little app that turned profitable. We became the first students to receive funding from Davidson College.

After graduating, I joined the Venture For America Fellowship. I spent two years doing product strategy, enterprise sales, and whispering to babies at VersaMe.

Thinking I knew more than I did at 24, I moved to Detroit to start a company that helped Democrats and Republicans have more human conversations. It pivoted into a recommendation engine for coworker connections. Today, that company is Jam.

In Spring of 2020, I wanted to understand how climate was being combated so I decided to sell most of my things in New York, buy a motorcycle, and journey to Montana to learn about regenerative agriculture. I then rode back east to Maine to learn about aquaculture on an oyster farm. Traveling 5500 miles on two wheels will teach you a lot about yourself.

I believe that over-exposed photos look better, life is better with butter, and you should always take the last-minute Greyhound to Philly.

I'm looking to join an awesome product team building products that actually matter.

Say hello here so I know this website works or skip the faff and give me a shout at directly. If you need a resume, you can find one here.