Alice Rottersman

Alice Rottersman started karate at the age of 4 and was introduced to Krav Maga during her first year at Barnard College. Soon into her Krav Maga training, as she was laying on the mat defeated, Alice had the insight that her karate training through the years had been 'more conducive for a stocky, 19th century, Japanese' man rather than a 20 year old female walking the streets of New York City. While figuring out what to study at Barnard, Alice was encouraged by her father to study something that had 'practical value'. Driven by that, she took an intro programming class and hasn't looked back since. She's heading to Azavea in Philadelphia where she has the casual concern of whether she'll be a front-end or back-end programmer. When she's not busy shifting gender stereotypes in both the Krav Maga studio and the workplace, she enjoys spending time with her dog and on her bike. Fun/Impressive fact: Alice road her bike from Boston to Providence with all of her possessions strapped to her back on her way to VFA training camp.


Slater Meehan

For most kids growing up, winning a National Championship is something that never materializes past a dream. Slater Meehan, however, was on the field in Kansas City when the Stanford Men’s Soccer team won the National Championship this past season. And unless you ask Slater about it, he’ll most likely never bring it up in conversation. For Slater, playing soccer at the Division-I level is all about sacrifice. “It’s about the hours spent behind the house juggling until dark or until the call for dinner. Each wall, sidewalk curb, or garage door is a surface to knock the ball against.” And though Slater potentially had the opportunity to continue playing after Stanford, he decided to try his hand in the startup world. He is headed to TicketFire in Columbus as the Director of Operations with the goal of disrupting the mobile event ticketing industry. 


Eileen Guan

Eileen Guan believes in the power of big ideas. She believes in them so much that she actually created the world’s first tournament style crowdfunding platform for social enterprises. Billion is driven by the consciousness that immense issues continue to cripple billions of people around the world. For Eileen, it’s hard to imagine how we are sending individuals to the moon yet struggle to feed thousands of children around the world. Though her company’s website brands itself with the ambitious goal creating value for a billion people, for Eileen, creating a valuable experience for just one individual makes the effort worthwhile. She’ll be heading to Columbus to work as a Product Manager at MentorcliQ after Training Camp and when she’s not busy revolutionizing the way companies crowd-fund, she casually runs marathons in ‘her spare time’ and loves to indulge in pepperoni pizza.

Jeff Stern

For Jeff Stern, growing up with a father that had multiple sclerosis meant that he got to ride on his lap to school every morning racing down Lexington Avenue on his scooter. It meant that he and his brothers got to skip the lines at Disney World and it meant that Jeff had a medium through which he could challenge his intellectual curiosity. Jeff recalls learning the scientific method in fifth grade and immediately wanting to run experiments that subjected his father to environments with extreme temperatures. Jeff’s dad knowingly submitted himself to what in retrospect can only be classified as hospitalizing torture but it was all for the sake of his intellectual development. As a lawyer in New York City, Jeff’s dad has been a champion for disability rights and has assumed the appropriate title of scooter lawyer. Most importantly however, as Jeff’s relationship with his dad shows us, if you can’t laugh about the hard things, you definitely can’t live with them. Jeff will be heading to @votem as a Market Lead in Cleveland following Training Camp.


Andrew Albert

Andrew Albert is a man driven by the insatiable desire to bring opportunity to the city he calls home. Bred in the city of New Orleans, Andrew remembers the moment his childhood ended as the surge of Hurricane Katrina broke the levees that held his beloved city afloat. The crippling uncertainty regarding the fate of family and friends, and images of drowned neighborhoods are momentshe’ll never forget. With an undergraduate degree from Loyola University and a Masters from the London School of Economics, Andrew is headed to work at Lucid in New Orleans. And when he is not thinking about how he can put an entire city of his back, he indulges in the souls of being a sneaker-head as well as building muscle cars.